Spirit Bird by Carmen Jackson Art



DIMENSIONS (Height - 135.00 cm X Width - 41.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-42445-0136-01
COPYRIGHT © Carmen Jackson Art
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Artist: Carmen Jackson Art


My name is Carmen Jackson and I am an emerging painter that draws inspiration from the Australian landscape. 

I complete an oil painting based on this direct observation and experience with the beauty and magic of the local landscape. I paint primarily in oils and work in a style that is my own of the Australian landscape to the elements of horizon, geometry, textures, and iconic images and landmarks. 

I started painting a couple of years ago to express my creative self and over this time I state I am self-taught. I was born in Newtown NSW, live on the Central Coast NSW and have some land in White Cliffs NSW. That is where my inspiration and muse lies. 


Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of humour and landscape. Sometimes I paint more representational places in Australia. Places where our urbanization intersects our open spaces, and sometimes my work distills horizon and landscape into minimalist and abstract images. I prefer expressions of light, color, and immediacy - but also timelessness. My painting process is a nature-inspired investigation of time, place and connection to country. 


- Carmen Jackson

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